#spiderselfie “Guam” he was cool.
#FindingNeverlandART so glad I finally got to see @jeremymjordan perform! He absolutely blew me away. Brought me to tears and made me laugh, such an amazing show. #IBelieve
#FindingNeverlandART an amazing night seeing Finding Neverland! The technical difficulties just made it more special. Everyone should get to see how amazing and special this show is. Also, thank you @lauramichellekelly for the beautiful perform a that bright me to tears and for stealing my phone to take this picture! #YouAreIncredible  (at American Repertory Theater)
#intermisson what am I even watching!? This is incredible!!! #FindingNeverlandART
Throwback to the #BwayFlea
That would be me, meeting an elephant. #throwbackthursday #tbt


I don’t exactly really use this blog much anymore… I really loved being on here, but a while ago I was feeling a little down and set up a queue and took a break. 

Recently the only thing connected here is my instagram and soon even that will be taken off. I do have my other blog still up if you’re interested and I still run a Jenn Colella fan blog as well as a Stephanie Klemons one.

The thing is, I love all of you guys who follow me on here but, I’m really more into my work right now, (my art, school, writing, ect) and rather than starting to post it all on here and heva you all hate me for it.. I’m just moving. I’ll leave this blog up just incase I do want to come back but you all know where to find me :) 

at South Shore Beach, Little Compton, Ri
#Lucy just wow. 
“We never really die.”